AEG Turbine Factory

-Yun Yun

The AEG Factory for turbine production was completed in 1909 by architect and founder of the German Werkbund, Peter Behrens, in Berlin, Germany. Although the building was erected before the interwar period, it is absolutely essential in our study of European industrial modernism. Behrens uses a number of historical precedents to make a statement about the status of the factory and factory worker during the early 20th century. By placing a large temple-like plinth on the front of the factory and providing floor to ceiling windows, he in effect, elevates the status of the factory and places emphasis on the individual factory worker. He suggests that anyone, even the factory worker, should be able to experience architecture. With its strong masonry-looking concrete façade juxtaposed against the steel and glass façade on the sides reflects a sort of passage through time, the front looking towards precedent, and the rest looking towards the future. While we were unable to enter the factory, it is still being used today for the production of Turbine engines.